Duffed UI 5.78 und Deadly Boss Mods 4.98

Nicht vergessen neue Updates fürs Duffed UI und Deadly Boss Mods stehen zum Download ! Unbedingt Updaten vor dem nächsten RAID 😀

Deadly Boss Mods

4.98 changes

Improved the trap scanning handler for Shannox and Ragnaros for better accuracy (will still fail on high latency connections or really low FPS clients, not much can be done about that.)
Improvements to Heroic Encounters: Ragnaros, Beth’tilac, Baloroc, Staghelm
Improvements to Normal Encounters: Shannox, Beth’tilac, Alyzrazor, Baloroc, Rhyolith, Trash
Several bugfixes on Ragnaros, Staghelm, Trash
Core: Fixed loading of boss mods for outdoor bosses (note that you will have to update the „old content“ mods to r350 or later in order to get proper load on demand for Kazzak and Doomwalker)
Added mods for Word Bosses: Akma’hat, Garr, Julak-Doom, Mobus, Xariona to cataclysm party mods

Download Link

Duffed UI 5.78

– Enable / Disable for classtimer will now work
– Fixed dropdownmenu for chat
– Fixed fontsize for characterpane (hope so)

– Moved Duffed into Tukui\modules as built in
– Moved Tukui_Classtimer into Tukui\modules\misc as built in
– Removed folder Duffed
– Removed folder Tukui_Classtimer
– Some configentrys condensend (Raid & Dungeon now Misc Options)
– Adjustments for configentrys
– Fixed border for vertical shapehift
– Added option to disable classtimermodule
– Readded two scrollbars (Deletion was my fault)
– Many adjustments for layout 3

Download Link


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